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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Phillippine Fashion Week Holiday '09

Posted by Stylishtin at 9:26 PM

Celebrating 50 Years of Barbie Fashion

I'm the Filipina Barbie for tonight.
A Fashionably Hot Chick in Manila.

I'm a blonde single girl in the Fantasy World.
Dress me up, take your time,
I'm your Dollie

I'm a Barbie Girl in the Barbie World. Life in plastic it's fantastic,you can brush my hair, and dress me everywhere.. Imagination..Life is your creation.. I'm your Doll.. rock n' roll.. feel the glamor...
make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please..
I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees..

Hit the town, fool around let's go party..

Barbie was born on March 9, 1959,
a trendsetter celebrating 50 Years of fashion and Style.
Barbie a Model of a changing society.

Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Barbie...
Barbie forever young single and hot =)
As Barbie entered the work world,
she was modeling an emerging pattern
Barbie's early professions, a fashion model, student teacher,nurse, ballerina, flight attendant, fashion designer, paleontologist,
NASCAR driver, pilot, military officer, veterinarian, olympian,
U.S presidential candidate,
Barbie has always been a career girl..

and through the years
She has reflected the changing nature

of career options for women..

However Barbie has missed out on one career path: motherhood.
Though often seen in beautiful wedding gowns,
she has remained single.

The children in her life have been limited to siblings and cousins,
and her caregiving roles have ranged from babysitter to teacher to doctor.

"Mom" is not a title Barbie the role model can claim :(
Barbie is not just a Dollie. She's a very best friend I ever had...
The way she dress up...
Damn I love it...
I love Barbie...
I like her dresses, shoes, bags, accessories, cosmetics
and all her hot stuff...

Barbie the World's Famous Dollie and one of a kind.

The slender blonde beautiful glamorous girl..
Barbie has a tiny waist, defying breasts, sexy hips, nice buttocks
and having a million dollar legs is oh so pretty hot...

Barbie Beauty Queen..
Barbie living in style..
Is it true that Barbie and Ken is over?

" A makeover may be just what Ken needs to step back into the spotlight "
People want to see them together again. We miss Barbie and Ken. Barbie's companion for 43 years...

They look good in this photo...

Ken: Ohh.. Barbie don't just dump me here..
I want you back and I am looking forward
to have you for the rest of my life...

Do you like Blaine for Barbie?? an Australian boogie boarder
Or Ken? Who's always been there for Barbie for 43 years?

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday '09

Photos By: Kristine

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Anonymous said...

You dressed like a Barbie too.

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