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Friday, July 10, 2009

Alicia Keys, As I am Live in Manila

Posted by Stylishtin at 7:18 PM
We are soo lucky tonight to be in the Gold Row. Good thing the show started nearly 10pm instead of 8pm. Too many people are there already. Damn that traffic jam we arrived at the SMX Mall of Asia around 8:30pm. It should be at the Concert Grounds (open field) cause of the rain so they decided to do the concert there.

The crowd screamed out loud upon hearing the great voice of Alicia saying: Good evening Manila! How are you feeling tonight? Are you feeling good?

and She asked the people after her 5 songs " Is it okay if I play my Piano tonight? The crowd says " yeah" so she started playing the piano and sing "Karma" one of her pieces that made her famous in the country.

Standing ovation when she sang "No one" and "My Boo" was a hit among the audiences that made the people singing and dancing along with Alicia. and for finale was "If I ain't got you".

Many celebreties are there. The fashionista Ms. Tessa Prieto Valdez and her daughter are in our row. They left on the last part of the concert, you know to avoid the crowd haha we weren't able to take a pic.

The concert was soo good though the costumes, choreography and the stage set-up weren't that cool. I think she only had one costume that night as you see in the photos but still we enjoyed her great voice and piano keys.

I admire Alicia, but I am not a type of fan who would collect all her cd's, magz, posters and piano books that come out. I just watch her videos and listen to her songs in my ipod. One last thing about Alicia is she really has a pretty face as what we see on TV.

Here are some of the photos.

Ohh baby is here..
I and cousin Daphne
rock on
pretty face
Is it Okay if I play my piano?
too sexy to handle nicey butt =)

profile shot

Oh man you look so0 serious. He wants more from Alicia :(
I'm sorry the concert is over =)

Photos by: Kristine

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